About Us

Our vision is to become a quality and trusted job vacancy site where companies are linked to job search talents for a better career.


  • 1. Make a positive contribution in reducing unemployment in Indonesia
  • 2. Presenting solutions for companies or job providers to get talents / candidates who meet the qualifications
  • 3. Providing optimal investment value for investors
  • 4. Creating the best marketplace for professional professionals in a career

We are one of the marketplace quality and trusted job vacancies in Indonesia. With decades of experience in the world of employee recruitment and technology background, we present the best career opportunities for every talent.

Relasio.com is present so that every talent of this job seeker can change lives for the better and has personal value to the company. Founded in 2017, Relasio.com develops a unique search system that makes it easy for companies to get the highest quality talent. Relasio.com focus on presenting weekly jobs for free.

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